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Crowd City

Size: 83M
Release Date: 2019-02-19


Crowd City Review:

This is a simple casual game, but it is really exciting to play this game because in this game you can control a group of people instead of a certain character. Entering this game, the first thing came into your eyes is a bunch of people who are running aimlessly in the city. And this city is very crowded. There are many teams with different colors. You will be the leader of your team. What you need to do is to guide your team and devour other teams as soon as possible. Usually, it is very easy for you to distinguish your team and other teams because you will have different colors. So control well the leader means control the whole game. Except for this, there are not too much rules restraining you. So you can use all kinds of skills that you can imagined in this game. Your ultimate goal is to become the most powerful team in this town. So the wise strategy is to protect your people as best as you could. Besides, there is an important secret for you to know. This secret is for you to increase your team number, that is to say, you need to guide your team members to be near those colorless tiny people. Once your team members have body contacts with those white people, these tiny people will have the same color with your own team members, which means they will be part of your crowd. It is very easy to do this. But this is a wonderful way to win high scores. So have a try with your friends and it will not let you down!


Crowd City Description:

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