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Size: 82M
Release Date: April 27, 2021


Exos Heroes Review:

The issues have been fixed. The game is playable. To those wanting to play this game, my suggestion? Play it. 1. F2p friendly if you're not aiming for top 100 (1000 even) player. Enjoy the game for what it is. 2. Generous. There always free x11 pulls event. Free 5* fated characters, even general. 3. The dev actually listen to the players. Cons. 1. Sometimes, the devs messed up with the update like the previous or even the Sabrina fc event. But they quickly rectify it to the best they could. Exo Heros Devs, Thank You. “AC” I had to do another review, because my first rate was pretty bad. I want to start off to say, This game os definitely changing for the better! Some many great changes, and great challenges the Devs is making for us players. I want to thank the developers for doing their best, and taking heed to players ideals or concerns that we might have. First off, I feel a lot better going for Gacha banners now. I feel like it’s a lot fair now, so whatever you Devs did, I appreciate you! Secondly, I love how story content doesn’t stay impossibly hard, once more new content is released. Then doing event is much better now, and is actually enjoying to do. I don’t know how accurate you guys made the FC drop ratings, But it is AMAZING. At first, it was so difficult to make banner pulls. But NOW, you guys give us so much content to get free XES FOR BANNER PULLS, THANK GOODNESS. Not just that, but other things that give us plenty of nice resources, that I need a lot for my units. So thank you for all the things and improvements. Plus, I feel good about spending money on here now. For things like accumulating rewards, which give great gear/equipment that you need. Please continue to make this game great, I have much more to say. But I feel like I said enough, but more of wanted to tell the developers to keep up the great work!!!


Exos Heroes Description:

VISUALISM PLAY ! The grand adventure to search for ‘Exestruk’, the missing sword of the emperor, and the curse of the ancient dragon! Experience the adventure of your lifetime. Experience the unique visualism beyond your imagination. Experience the unique, extraordinary RPG! VISUALISM PLAY ≪Exos Heroes≫ [Game Description] The grand adventure to search for ‘Exestruk’, the missing sword of the emperor, and the curse of the ancient dragon! Face the evil forces threatening the peace of the Exos Continent! ■ Ride on the ancient Airship awoken from a deep slumber to go an adventure! Welcome to the mystical fantasy land where Airships roam the sky. Become the Airship captain and feel the vast world! Join the ancient dragon Bitru and treasure hunter Zeon in this original RPG Experience this fascinating story unfold before your eyes. ■ Walk and run! World-map with freedom! This world is full of exciting contents where you can explore the lost ruins and hunt for lost treasures. Experience the unique contents of Exos, the original RPG on mobile! ■ Epic graphics! It’s not a cinematic video! Intense battles in a fairytale-like world! Thrilling skill actions! Experience the true fun of turn-based game through strategic battles! Illustrations of beautiful characters, and the fantasy world of magnificent landscapes. ■ Enjoy a new type of RPG with battle system like no other! Take advantage of Guardian Stone system to ‘break’ the enemy, and add more fun to strategic battles! ■ The quality of every single character in the game are as fine as the main character! Collect more heroes! Collect over 200 heroes with unique character designs, and enjoy the awesome play with powerful Fatecore! Fiery intense battles will bring satisfaction to both your eyes and heart!

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