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Fan of Guns

Size: Varies with device
Release Date: January 8, 2021


Fan of Guns Review:

The game byfar is really good, graphics spot on the only thing I want you to fix is the language. I'm having a lot of problems with the language I choose English but most of the text is still in russian. and whenever I redeem a coupon it says mistake sometimes without a reason and sometimes with a reason but in Russian. It gets pretty annoying since I have not learned much Russian yet so I don't know many words and sentences in Russian.


Fan of Guns Description:

Play for free with your friends a first-person pixel online shooter. A large number of maps, skins and weapons! Shoot from the tank, AWP, Kalash, multi-barrel, shotgun and other weapons. DYNAMIC SHOOTER IN THE POPULAR ACTION GAMES STYLE Over 40 types of modern weapons. Choose your tactics for battle: shotguns, machine guns or snipers or any other favorite weapon. Create your clan and enjoy a team pvp game for up to 10 people in various locations. Rise in the ranking and play with more experienced opponents. Colorful weapon skins. Trades. Share skins with other players. Intuitive controls, optimization on weak devices. 12 COMBAT MODES Team fight Zombie survival Arms race Hide and Seek War Full random Maniac AWP Defense Capture points With a bomb Hand-to-hand combat ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY Fan of Guns is a multiplayer online shooter game with dynamic team gameplay. Bright pixel 3D graphics that don’t require excessive performance from your device are combined with simple and intuitive controls. That, of course, is suitable for fans of the FPS genre shooter.

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