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Jungle Marble Blast

Size: 33M
Release Date: April 14, 2021


Jungle Marble Blast Review:

I just love this game but I am thinking of finding a new game cannot collect rewards like before especially on the 7day freezing a lot and forcing me to go vip nonsense I love this game sooo much . The challenges intrigue me, especially the difficult levels. It's definitely a game worth my while My mind was moving slowly because I just got up it's a brain game you have to think fast that's the fun of it Best Shooter Game Ever! Lots of chests, many types of bombs, point multiplyers etc..Thanks Developers for a really fun game! Can't Stop playing!


Jungle Marble Blast Description:

Jungle Marble Legend is a simple but really addictive classic zuma style game! Your target is to eliminate all the marbles before these balls reach the end of the path and make more combos and chains to get the highest score.Complete all the levels and try to get three stars in each level. How to play: - Tap the screen can shoot the current ball in the transmitter. - Shooting to match three or more colored marbles. - Keep an eye the color of the ball on the transmitting. - Blast them one-by-one and eliminate them all - More Marble Blast, higher score Features: - All of the bubble rolling along a given path. - Easy to play and fun for all age players. - Professionally designed maps. - Many secret levels, and more will come. - Jungle zumu-style game. This game becomes more and more challenging and interesting in the later stages.Jungle Marble Blast is the game that you must have.

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