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Pixel Strike 3D - FPS Gun Game

Size: 112M
Release Date: March 29, 2021


Pixel Strike 3D - FPS Gun Game Review:

Confusion This game is a very fun shooter but it good use a FEW improvements. One is the ADS. The ads are just TERRIBLE every time they try to get my daily reward I get interrupted by a 45 second ad, and here’s the worst part I can’t get out of it, not even quitting the game, so I have to sit on my bed for one minute watching these DUMB ads. Also when I first played this game I was confused about where you get weapons. It also kicks me out every 16 minutes on average. Please six these bugs! This is the best FPS first person shooter! The previous game I USED to love was 3D pixel gun. They were so good in the first couple of years but look what problems are now! They even have a lower star rate! They have made prices for guns so much higher. A Swap Force Rifle used to be 50 coins and now it is 150! Plus they have made to many mythical items that are taking over the game! They need to delete the company. Vulcron on the other hand is making better updates. Including real guns more effects and even guns that give you Debuffs. Please read this carefully.


Pixel Strike 3D - FPS Gun Game Description:

FPS Battle Royale! Play online and customize your character! Pixel Strike 3D is a Multiplayer First-Person Shooter! This blocky shooting game brings fast-paced online FPS gameplay to your mobile device. With PC and Console style mechanics, this is not your average mobile gun game. It’s time to stop crafting and start shooting! MUTLIPLAYER! - Fight real players from all around the world in epic multiplayer matches! BATTLE ROYALE - Drop into a huge map, find loot, and get the victory royale! CUSTOMIZE - Buy new hats, boots, gear, skins and more! Unlock rare gun skins! MINIGAMES - Play fun minigames like Dodgeball, One in The Chamber, Duck Hunt, and more! FRIENDS - Squad up! Add friends, invite them to games, and chat with them! ZOMBIES - Survive the Zombie Apocalypse in Infected mode! Battle Royale rules – last man standing wins! SKIN CREATOR - Make your own skins and use them in multiplayer! CLANS - Make a clan, design your own logo, invite your friends, and top the leaderboards! MURDER MYSTERY - Stop the murderer before they kill all of the party guests! PLANT THE BOMB! - The Police must stop the terrorists from planting the bomb! LEADERBOARDS - Reach the top of the Daily and Weekly Leaderboards and win big rewards! CASES - Win rare hats, weapons, and gun skins in epic case openings! Level up your character in the many unique game modes, unlock new snipers, machine guns, pistols, RPGs, and even lightsabers! Upgrade your guns with attachments like silencers and red dot sights! What are you waiting for? Download this epic cube world multiplayer shooter today!

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