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Size: 114M
Release Date: April 12, 2021


Sculpt people Review:

Such a fun game So fun and it’s so creative because you can make your own people and it’s so cool how you can make them look different or the same as the other people and you can purposely fail the game but it’ll be fun while you’re doing it because you can pick your own colors the more people you make it so thank you for making this game person that made this game make more games like this by the way can you make another one that has facemasks because I download a game that had that and it didn’t even show what I wait for it’s a making make up game not a making face mask game This is the best game in the whole world I love this game so much I’m going to share this with my cousins Ana and Marie And Amelia they are going to like it just like I do the person who thought of this game is such a good person and I love slime play dough and clay so I like it thank you so much for this game you no though this pandemic it has been so hard but we have really made it though 2020 and this and all the games are interesting the kids at home like me Olivia Belle Cudjoe Thanks for this really good game bye


Sculpt people Description:

Satisfy customers in this new simulation! - Use polymer clay to sculpt people's heads (and their pets too!) - Make sure the result is close enough to the photo! - Super satisfying and relaxing - You will love the depth, customization and ability to sculpt, paint, and make it a work of art - Amazing 3D graphics! - Express your creativity right now TRY IT NOW FOR FREE!

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