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Strike Fortress Box

Size: 133M
Release Date: March 19, 2021


Strike Fortress Box Review:

BEST GAME EVER It’s so freaking amazing but I could use a few more characters anyways this is the best game ever it is super intact with World War I and World War II and probably World War III if that’s ever going to happen and this is the end of my review so bye. Add skins and pets like me wars I love this game but can you add new skins that you can choose and not have the game choose for you and add new game modes and pets The best game This game is so fun this is the best game I’ve ever played or create servers and play with my friends and we just have a good time


Strike Fortress Box Description:

This is online sandbox and shooter, team fight, classic and team Battle Royale modes. New cars and helicopters, passengers can board them. A variety of weapons. New facilities for the construction of bases and new maps. This is an online shooter where you can spawn cars, helicopters and other objects. Game contains sandbox, team fight, and battle royale modes.

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