Size: 64M
Release Date: April 29, 2021



Great Support Team I’ve been playing games from Ateam since 2017 and I can still confidently say Ateam has some of the best support teams, especially when you have a lost account. They stuck with me and helped me recover my lost Valkyrie Connect account, which I had very limited knowledge on. This is some of the best support, if not the best support I’ve received from a team, especially for a free game. The game itself is very fun and quite F2P friendly. For as long as I played, I never felt a need to buy anything, but have plans to buy just to support Ateam. Enjoy playing! One of the best gachas I have played quite a bit of gachas in my years such as brave frontier, summoner war, kings raid, etc and I found valkyrie connect to be among my favorites next to brave frontier which was my first gacha. There are constant updates and events which keeps me busy and quite enjoyable. There is abit of grinding towards mid to end game but not that time consuming compared to games like kings raid and epic seven. The rates for heroes are not that great but with some skill and luck, you will eventually the heroes you want or need. One piece collab please I really love this game it is really fun but i wanted to put in a request for a collab with the anime one piece by eiichiro oda because it is my fav anime and i would love a collab i would like for the collab to have the maun crew like luffy, zoro, nami. Usopp, sanji, chopper, robin, frank and brook but i also wanted some other characters like law, boa hancock, jinbe, carrot, shanks, dracule mihawk and ace and i would also want the connect boss to be kaido of the 4 emperors. You dont have to do those characters or at least all of them but it would be nice thank you



This hit RPG rocketed to the top of the Japanese charts, and now it's taking the world by storm! Download for FREE today and find out why! [GAME FEATURES] ■Strategic Party Creation & Quick Battles! Create strategic party combinations and run quick, easy-to-control battles perfect for mobile devices! ■Intense Co-Op Connect Battles! Battle alongside other players in real time to take down massive bosses in Connect Battles! ■Amazing Graphics & Limit Burst Attacks! Activate Limit Burst attacks and watch your enemies turn to ash with epic screen-filling attack animations! ■Power Up Your Characters & Customize Them with Gear! After powering up your tank, will you give him the gear he needs to become an unstoppable wall? Or maybe you'd prefer to boost his speed and attack to make him a well-rounded warrior. Make your party uniquely yours! ■Collect Unique Characters -- Each with Their Own Story! Unlock a huge cast of characters, each with strengths and weaknesses, and power up the ones that suit your playstyle! Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Valkyrie Connect by getting to know each character through their individual stories!

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